Esthetic Fillings

Esthetic composite restorations are used to restore broken teeth that still have enough intact tooth structure to not require coverage with a crown.

Modern Fillings

For decades, the standard dental filling was comprised of a mercury-based amalgamation of metals, silver in appearance. This filling material has served dentistry quite well, but is not aesthetically pleasing. These silver fillings also maintain properties of metals conducting temperature easily and may expand and contract under these conditions causing stress in the tooth.

Modern fillings blend naturally with your tooth shade and can strengthen the tooth, as opposed to a silver filling. These enamel-colored fillings contain no metal and leave you with a tooth that appears untouched by any dentist.

Key Benefits of Modern Fillings

  • The color can be matched to the color of existing teeth
  • Fillings are chemically bonded to the tooth, further protecting it
  • Can be used to fill decay, repair chipped and broken teeth


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