Cindy Blackmore, Cairo

I have been going to Dr. Mark Fuhrman for years now, and I would be greatly disappointed if I ever had to find another dentist! His office has a country, welcoming, and informal atmosphere and the people that work there treat you like an old friend. His practice has updated technology and he and his staff work with you on what dental work is necessary and what the cost of care will be, whether you have dental insurance or not. They always make me comfortable with the recommendations they propose and they take time to explain the options and the procedures they recommend. You can be assured that whatever your dentistry need might be, Mark and his staff will be able to fix it quickly and professionally. I trust their judgment, their recommendations, and their work. I have always known them to bill their services fairly, and I consider myself lucky to have their dental care. I highly recommend them to others!

Richard Duncan, Cairo

Mark is always very prompt and you never have to sit and wait like you do with many professionals.  Mark's employees all perform in the same professional manner.  Over the years, our family has been subject to many dental emergencies.  Mark and his staff have always worked us into his busy schedule in a very timely manner.  Best of all, Mark has never made any of us dread to go to the dentist.  He always keeps you comfortable, even when your appointment is for major re-construction work like multiple crowns.  Mark takes great pride in all of his work, and to say that he is a perfectionist would be a great understatement.  He and his staff have worked many times to get our dental insurance to pay for a procedure that was first denied by the insurance company when it was filed.  Finally, Mark's rates are very fair.
I recommend Mark Fuhrman to anyone who wants a great dentist.  Thanks, Mark!

Dan Schantz, Moberly

I have had several good dentists in my seventy years, but Dr. Fuhrman is the best of them all.  He is up-to-date, efficient, painless, easy to talk to, and he has a great sense of humor.  I actually look forward to dental visits because of his personality, ability, and good help.

Bob Mallory, Moberly

Dr. Mark Fuhrman has been my family's dentist for many years.  He and his staff listen and care about your concerns.  They are professional, friendly, and efficient and treat you like family.  It's always a good experience.

Bob and Carla Cooper, Salisbury

We feel Dr. Fuhrman's office staff and Dr. Fuhrman are both very welcoming and professional.  When you walk in the door and you are asked to produce pictures of your grandchildren, life is good!

Janet Lucas, Moberly

Our family has been patients of Dr. Fuhrman for nearly thirty years.  He has always provided us with excellent care, whether it was for a routine cleaning or a root canal.  The procedures are always painless.  The friendly staff is efficient and knowledgeable.  We always feel confident  knowing we can rely on Mark to take care of our dental needs.

Dan Windmiller, Salisbury

I grew up having a lot of dental problems and made what ended up being a bad decision--not going to a dentist for over six years.  I don't know if I thought the issues would go away, but I was tired of dealing with the pain that I had felt when I did go to the dentist.  When I married, my wife told me that I had to start going to the dentist and deal with the problems.  She suggested going to her dentist, Dr. Mark Fuhrman.  She made the appointment and told me to do exactly what the doc told me to do.  On this visit, I told him that I did not want to feel anything--that I needed to be numb.  The staff met my request and made me feel at ease.  I now make sure that I keep my six-month cleaning/check-up appointments.  I have recommended Dr. Fuhrman to many people and will continue to do so.

John Beilharz, Moberly

I first met Dr. Fuhrman as a student in my Chemistry class.  He was a good student; I felt that he would reach his goal to become a dentist.  I was delighted when Mark finished school and set up his practice in  Huntsville.  He has been my dentist since.  Now it is his turn to teach me to care for my teeth as I age.  The hygienists he has working with him are diligent team members.

Doris Redding, Huntsville

I have been a client of Dr. Fuhrman's for many, many years.  Mark is a great dentist, knowledgeable, and very professional--but also very personable.  I love and appreciate Mark and all of his staff, and I have always experienced a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere during my appointments.

Ken and Bev Foster, Cairo

I have been a patient of Dr. Fuhrman’s for nearly 30 years. I have learned to trust him completely for all of my dental care. He and his staff have the ability to make you feel as if you are the most important patient in their care. During this period, my husband’s job required that he move out of state for three years. Our visits back home were planned to coincide with our dental visits as we wanted to keep Dr. Fuhrman as our preferred dentist. On one occasion, I had to see a different dentist and was expecting the same care and expertise I received from Dr. Fuhrman. Well believe me, I was greatly disappointed and couldn’t wait to get Dr. Fuhrman’s opinion. We have the greatest respect for our dentist, Dr. Mark Fuhrman

Laura Heimann, Moberly

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Fuhrman's for many years. He and his staff are so friendly and professional! From the moment you walk through the door and are greeted with a smile, to the thorough care you receive from the hygienists and Dr. Fuhrman, you feel like an important person. When our sons were small they loved digging for treasures in the treasure chest after their appointments. We appreciate how the staff goes that extra mile to help. For example, Karen went above and beyond by helping resolve issues with our insurance, and that was so appreciated! We are grateful for all of them and recommend them to all of our family and friends.

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